Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) Series- Do Not Chase Your Zero

Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) Series- Do Not Chase Your Zero

In the pursuit for perfection it can be easy to over think even the simplest of task, including zeroing your AR15.

Actually that is a lie. Zeroing the AR15 can be the most frustrating step in getting settled and for no other reason then our OCD rearing its ugly head. We want perfection; unfortunately we are working with an AR15 and not a Glock…

So the easiest way to avoid wasting ammo and increased blood pressure is simple.

Don’t Chase Your Zero

What do I mean by that?

Exactly that. Don’t chase your zero. Don’t continue to make slight adjustments after every 3 shot group. Once you make your first bold initial adjustment stay there for a few groups. Make sure that you are actually in need of adjustment. The variations in your group size, POA (Sight Picture) and POI can have you adjusting your sights all over the target if you let them.

Here is an example of “Chasing The Zero”

Target 1 Group 1

Target 1 Group 2

Target 1 Group 3

Target 1 Group 4

Target 1 Group 5


Bull-eye 5 rounds confirmation group.

Dammit, lets fix this…

Target 2 Group 1

Target 2 Group 2

Target 2 Group 3

Target 2 Group 4

Getting messy

Target 3 Group 1

Target 3 Group 2

Target 3 Group 3

Ok, I think this is zeroed. Time to confirm.

Finally. Done.

It only took 41 rounds to do…

51 after a 10 round group to confirm it. Oh and look at that, it’s a 4 MOA group.

Can you do it in 9 rounds?

Targets can be found here.

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