BSAT Shotgun Standards- Meat From Bone edition

The BSAT Shotgun standards!

This little beauty came about during a time that I was shooting a lot of Paul Howe’s CSAT Rifle and Pistol Standards. As luck would have it was having one of its major blowout “Shotgun vs AR15” threads and I was inspired!

BSAT Shotgun Standards (Slugs)

1- Low Ready, 1 shot 1 target 7 yards 0.60 sec
2- Low Ready, 2 shots 1 target 7 yards 1.0 sec
3- Low Ready, 5 body shots, 1 head shot 1 target 7 yards 2.75 sec
4- Low Ready, 2 shots per target 2 targets 7 yards 2.0 sec
5- Low Ready, 1 shot Reload 1 shot 1 target 7 yards 2.5 sec
6- Low Ready, 2 shots Reload 2 shots 2 targets 7 yards 5.75 sec
7- Low Ready Standing-Kneeling 1 shot 1 target 25 yards 2.25 sec

Total Round Count: 20 SLUGS

-all reloads should come from the gun ie. a side saddle, speed stock etc…

A word on this drill.

You may find some of these standards difficult to achieve. Good. It’s not suppose to be easy. You may also be wondering why this is shot with slugs? The reason for that is to break the notion that you can’t miss with a shotgun. It also makes it easier to score.

Pro Tip: Buckshot doesn’t spread nearly as much as you may think. Always “pattern” your loads.

Reloading a shotgun takes practice, lots of practice. Over the top, from underneath? Practice both and find which works best for you.

To Score:

Total Points divided by total time = score (HF)

“A” = 5
“B” = 3
“C” = 3
“D” = 1
“Miss” = -10

Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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