Do yourself a favor. First thing, buy a Shot Timer…

Quite simple, invest in a shot timer early on in your quest for firearms mastery. Gun forums are overrun with blowhards that constantly claim amazing feats of marksmanship, draw times etc. It’s rare to come across anyone with an honest draw time, drill time, score or group.

Draw times especially from concealment seem to be exaggerated on a grand scale. Lets define “concealment” at this point.

CCW Concealment: From an actual concealment holster, in actual clothing one would wear in real life to conceal their firearm.

Not a competition holster and an IDPA “Shoot-Me vest”.

It is my belief that even if they do practice at all it’s without a shot timer and pure speculation. How do you tell the difference between 1.5 seconds and 1 second, 0.9 seconds and 1.2 seconds? YOU CAN’T! So please, buy a shot timer and become a student of yourself and your capabilities.

To quote Harry Callahan, ” A man’s GOT to know his limitations”.

Now, I know what you are asking yourself, and it’s not if I am feeling lucky. It’s “What shot timer should I buy?”.

I personally own the PACT Club Timer III for no particular reason other than the larger screen. Most all shot timers have the ability to record the 1st shot, split times, add par times and random start times. Back in my competition shooting days I would fill in as the Ranger Officer (RO) on occasion and used all the major brands. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro II, and the Competition Edge Dynamics CED7000 Shot Activated Timer. In short, any shot timer from a reputable manufacture will do the trick. It’s up to you to decide which features or style you prefer in line with your budget. Although I’ll warn you now, most shot timers, and the ones listed here all run from around $120-$180.

But in the end, it will be some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

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