Friends Don’t Let Friends Shoot Dirt- Or How To Build A Cheap PVC Target Stand For Under $20!

Yup, you read that correct.

A decent, PVC target stand for under $20. Before tax it’s actually $17.79, after tax $19.22, at least where I live…

Now, we have all been young once and most likely guilty of being a “Dirt Shooter”. Why would anyone ever need to do something as boring as shooting a paper target? Zero your sights? Nope, that’s lame, the factory does that. Get a baseline on your marksmanship? Nope, action movies and The Walking Dead have ensured to me that running one handed head-shots are the norm and not the exception.

It wasn’t until I got into competition shooting and training did I finally look into building a target stand. Through a harrowing internet search I found some plans for a cheap PVC target stand and have never looked back. I asked the man directly if I could post about his stands and was given his blessings and because I am a respectful guy I will link you, the reader, to his site for the plans text. They can be found at The Box O’ Truth .

Don’t be foolish, learn from all my wasted rounds, build a target stand. Friends don’t let friends shoot dirt!

In the video below I show how to build the stand. enjoy!

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