Origins of the 1 MOA All Day Long Challenge

Where did the 1 MOA (Minute of Angle) All Day Long Challenge come from and how did it start?

Well, I’ll tell ya!

Back around September 2012 while surfing a gentleman came over from and started a thread or a post asking folks to come over to Snipershide and compete in their 0.5 MOA competition. I read the thread and started an account over on Snipershide but as I remember it, it was only for scoped rifles, “Sniper Rifles”. Well, I did not and still do not own a scoped rifle in the “Sniper Rifle” category. So with that in mind I thought, “Why not have an all inclusive 1 MOA Challenge on”. After all, that’s where I spent most of my online time at anyway.

After asking smarter people than me about some details I drafted the 1st version of the “1 MOA All Day Long Challenge” on As you can imagine it didn’t get a lot of participation. People actually having to shoot their guns… Gross.

I let it die after begin bombarded by people complaining about the rules. Apparently those High Power folks are a little too fond of their jackets and gloves… After some time another member asked me for permission to reuse my thread and I gave it. He ran it 2 cycles before he gave up on it. At that point another poster on took the reins and is now the current care taker of my original work. Both having done, and still doing a wonderful job by-the-way.

After having googled, “1 MOA All Day”, you can find quite a few offshoots on other websites. had a poster take my thread word for word and posted it as his own, no credit given for my very own words. A handful of blogs have written articles regarding the challenge. On there is now a Non-MOA challenge and even a handgun versions with the 25 MOA challenge.

I am going to let everyone in on the secret as to why I spent the time creating the “1 MOA All Day Long Challenge” as you see it today on

I did it because for one, I enjoy and being a productive member of the site. Two, because so many people lie about what they are actually capable of. Three, to have a collection of rifles, barrels, twist, ammo, optics etc that could be looked at and see what patterns may occur in accurate/precise guns and good shooters. Fourth, and this was the biggest factor, to get people out shooting! To enjoy their guns and exercise that right! To see what they were actually capable of and find their limit with their rifles and practice to push past that limit!

These are the rules as I originally intended them to be:

This is the Official “How Good Are You” thread of

What is it? It’s a challenge to all to prove how good you really are with a rifle! Not sometimes but consistently.

Keep it simple 5 shot groups, 5 groups per target

1 MOA = 100 Yards = 1.047″
––––––––-50 Yards = 0.5235″
––––––––-25 Yards = 0.26175″

REMEMBER this, all 5 groups of 5 shots must AVERAGE 1 MOA to make the list and claim the title of being a 1 MOA shooter.

Doing one .99″ group and four 1.5″ groups does not equal a 1 MOA shooter, it means you got lucky once and you are a 1.398 MOA shooter (assuming a 100 yard target)

This is a challenge but don’t be afraid to try it out and post, every possible rifle style has been listed with a category and a distance. It’s all in good fun and to be honest about your abilities.

With that in mind here are the rules.

1. ONE sheet of paper, 8.5”x11” preferred and it MUST HAVE ALL 5 targets.

Meaning 1 sheet of paper with FIVE targets. NO INDIVIDUAL TARGETS. THEY WILL NOT COUNT.

2. On that 1 sheet of paper with 5 targets you shoot 5 groups of 5 shots each. (In one day)

3. Each group is measured OUTSIDE GREASE RING TO OUTSIDE GREASE RING with calipers (preferred) or tape rule in inches. Then subtract the diameter of one bullet IE if your shooting a .223 and your 5 shot group measures 1.13″ you will subtract 0.224″ to get a group of 0.906″. If you are shooting a .22lr you will subtract 0.223″, for a 308 you will subtract 0.308″ (Remember- the more precise your measurement the better)

Some common measurements:
.172″ – .17 HMR
.223″ – .22 Short, Long, Long Rifle
.224″ – .223 Remington, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet
.243″ – .243 Winchester
.284″ – 7mm-08 Remington, 7mm Mag
.308″ – .308 Winchester, .30-06, .300 Mag
.311″ – 7.62×39 Soviet, .303 British
.338″ – .338 Mag



5. OK TO USE- Front sandbag, rest, ruck, bipod, rock with a hat, sling etc. on forearm of the rifle.

IE. Can NOT sandbag gun in place. Shooter must maintain positive control of rifle. No formed or V-shaped rests/bags

6. Shooting position is up to you, sitting, standing, prone.

7. Posting:

1st picture of target set at the range you are shooting. If you are shooting more than one rifle at the same range using the same pic is okay.

2nd picture with 5 groups of 5 shots each, next to them write down group size.

3rd picture with calipers (or tape rule) left in place over BEST group.

4th picture of rifle and shooting setup (ie. Sandbag, prone and so on). Post all4 pics and also type in the post your 5 group sizes and what the average is. IE. .99”, 1.5”, 1.5”, 1.5”, 1.5” add them up, equals 6.99” and divide by five. So 6.99/5 = 1.398”

You can use the MOA formula, either way I will check the math and post the MOA on the result list.

MOA formula

How many MOA equal 2 inches at 200 yards?
(inches / yards) x 100 = MOA
(2 inches / 200 yards) x 100 = 1 MOA

Also type up specs of your rifle and ammo IE. Rem 700 with 168gr Federal SMK or Colt AR15 18″ with Wolf 55gr FMJ or AK with 125gr Hand Loads PLEASE INCLUDE AMMO USED

8. In each division you can only have your name up once per gun. Meaning that if you shoot the Iron Sight 22lr with your 10/22 and average a 1.65” group and lets say place 4th. If you use that same gun and do worse, even if you would place better then someone else it will not count for your group. Best group counts.

Now if you then shoot Iron Sight 22lr with your M&P 15-22 and shoot better, say 1.25” average groups and place 2nd. Both that score and the 10/22 score will remain. Different guns will be allowed for different group rankings within a division. Best group counts.

This also goes for the 1 MOA list. Meaning only your best MOA will be ranked on the 1 MOA list BUT if you also shoot 1 MOA or less with a different rifle, that will also count and your name will be added to the list for each different rifle you shoot 1 MOA or less with.

9. Remember, this is NOT a Bullseye challenge, it’s a Groups challenge.

10. Any and all ammo is fine I don’t care if you use Factory loads or your super secret Hand Load that Moses gave you.

11. Ties in average will go to the shooter with the smallest group.

Service Division (AR/AK/FAL/M1A1 etc style weapons)
Iron sights at 50 yards

Non-Magnified Optic at 50 yards

SPR Division (AR/AK/FAL/M1A etc WITH magnified optics)
100 yards

Bolt Division with magnified optics (any precision gun)
100 yards

And for cheapness a 22lr Division

Any 22lr rifle with iron sights at 25 yards

Any 22lr rifle with non-magnified optic at 50 yards

Any 22lr rifle with magnified optic at 50 yards

Any 22lr rifle with magnified optic at 100 yards

Misc Small Bore Division
Any .17HMR/.17HM2/.17Fireball/.22WMR/.22 Hornet etc etc etc with any sighting system (Irons/nonmagnified/magnified) at 100 yards

The original rules that I posted included the use of a small rear bag, no larger than a grapefruit that required the shooter to maintain constant pressure. The only reason I allowed that was because people complaining to me via IM and after asking some guys smarter than me I conceded the rear bag. I never wanted it though.

The current version has an unlimited class and includes the rear bag from the original thread.

Unlimited Division
Catch-all class for anyone wishing to use a lead-sled, large sandbag set-up, or other assisting device prohibited from the other classes. 50yd minimum for non magnified optic rifles and 100 yd minimum for magnified optics of all calibers. Does not qualify you for MOA shooter list, but will be recognized as an MOA rifle owner. Further more if you have shot the same setup and are listed in a class you will not be eligible for unlimited. Let’s not turn this into a full blown bench rest shoot

It’s a great challenge and I encourage everyone to get out and shoot it and now you know the history behind it.

My friends over at Science of the Gun will be adding the challenge to their website as well.

So, can you shoot 1 MOA All Day?

*Correction- It was brought to my attention that the original Snipershide competition was a 0.5 MOA challenge, not 1 MOA. I confirmed this with one of my own threads at the time referencing the now deleted 0.5 MOA thread from the Snipershide member.

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