Welcome to AZRifleman.com

Welcome to AZRifleman.com!

What is this site or what will it become? My hope is that it becomes a one stop shop for all your marksmanship needs. Rifle, pistol and yes, even the shotgun! We don’t discriminate here at AZRifleman.com, we love them all the same.

While developing marksmanship comes in many forms when it all boils down it’s about shooting. So with that being said what you will find here will be a comprehensive database of drills to be shot. They will be written in text and shown in video describing the gear, firearms, target setup and Course of Fire (CoF).

My hope is that you get out and shoot!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to AZRifleman.com

  1. Wow! I’m excited to see the progression of this website. Your passion for shooting and analysis of the discipline will bring fourth great things.

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